Brand Blueprint

Brand Blueprints are essential for helping you create a powerful, consistent brand. The process may be straightforward, but the results are incredible.

There are three phases during the process of creating your Brand Blueprint. Throughout the process, you’ll learn which aspects of your brand are working for you and which elements are working against you. In addition, you’ll receive a tailored gameplan designed to help you get your brand on track.

Brand Discovery

Building a brand without collaboration is impossible. During the Brand Discovery phase, we'll work closely with you and all available decision makers to better understand your goals and the state of your current brand.

Brand Analysis

Your goals and target audience will be examined against your current brand to ensure your brand resonates with your customers. We'll then gather all of your branding and marketing materials to look for inconsistencies. After carefully analyzing every element, you'll receive a report indicating where changes need to be made to ensure brand consistency moving forward.

Brand Gameplan

During this collaborative process, we'll provide guidance as we work together to develop the next steps you need to take with your brand. Once the gameplan is created we'll personally review the gameplan with you and answer any questions you may have. In addition, you'll also receive two hours of brand consultation post-project.

Starting at $1,000.

Brand Materials

It’s impossible to build your brand if no one sees it. Whether you need marketing materials to get your brand in front of your customers, a complete brand renovation, or everything in between, you’re covered.

Brand Renovation

Nothing stays modern and relevant forever. If your brand hasn’t changed in years, it’s time for an update. Each Brand Renovation includes a customer research report, brand guidelines, one branded campaign, and all associated brand elements.

Starting at $10,000.

Brand Guide

Resolve brand disputes and always have consistent marketing materials regardless of who designs them. Documenting your brand provides you the most powerful tool available to ensure brand consistency.

Starting at $2,500.

Branded Campaign

If your previous campaigns have failed to meet expectations, it’s time to revitalize your marketing efforts with branded materials. Whether you need digital or physical formatted materials, we’ll make sure they’re designed and exported to your specifications.

Starting at $2,500.

Brand Maintenance

You’re already being asked to do more than time allows each day, so let us maintain your brand. Each month you’ll receive an extensive report detailing the status of your brand along with any inconsistencies that may have arisen.

Starting at $1,000 per month.

Brand Training Materials

If your branding efforts aren’t respected outside of your department, it’s time to educate your co-workers on the importance of brand consistency. Whether you’re attempting to convince upper management or the front-line staff, you’ll receive the materials needed to achieve complete compliance.

Packages start at $500.

Get Started

Powerful, consistent branding is the culmination of strategic planning, precise execution, and patience. Properly cultivating a transformative brand takes months, so it’s essential to start the process today.