SAFE Federal Credit Union

With over $1 billion in assets and 120,000 members, SAFE Federal Credit Union is the largest credit union in South Carolina’s Midlands. Even though their size may be impressive, they’ve struggled over the years to establish a powerful, consistent brand.


In the summer of 2016 SAFE’s new VP of Marketing recognized the inconsistencies in SAFE’s marketing materials. Between quarterly campaigns, newsletters, and community events, SAFE was continually generating new marketing materials. The high volume of the materials coupled with a lack of documented brand standards made it difficult for SAFE to maintain brand consistency.

They also understood the importance of brand consistency and wanted to use the 2016 Fall auto loan campaign as the kickoff for a new branding initiative. Since the fall of 2016, we have worked closely with SAFE’s marketing team to build and establish the new brand for SAFE.


Every powerful brand emanates from within, so the first step was to understand SAFE’s values and evaluate how well the current brand was reflecting those values. Once we analyzed all SAFE current materials we identified which elements needed to remain and which elements needed to be discarded.

During the analysis, one piece of materials stood out from the rest; SAFE’s website. The year prior to us coming on board, SAFE had done a complete redesign of their website. This new design gave SAFE the modern, friendly tone they were looking to build. Unfortunately, the rest of their marketing materials never took advantage of the design standards established by the website.

So, to create consistency, we let the website influence the direction we would take the brand. By utilizing the color palette, typography, and visual styles established on the website, we quickly created a cohesive style across all of SAFE’s marketing channels.

In the end, SAFE was able to achieve brand consistency without having to redo their website or logo. Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that have the most significant impact.


Since Fall 2016, SAFE has experienced the following results:

  • $200+ million in auto loans
  • 6,000 new members
  • Each campaign has exceeded initial estimations by an average of 20%

Achieve Brand Consistency