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Branding services to help you stand out from your competitors, attract the right clients, and improve your marketing efforts.

"Justin is a highly professional and knowledge branding expert. He can truly hone your brand or even re-brand your business as necessary to accelerate growth. I have worked with Justin personally and recommend him to my business clients. "

Gregory Derderian

Business Consultant, Derderian Consulting Services

Bad clients are costing you time and money

Bad clients…

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Client Focused Branding

It’s time to focus your brand around your ideal client

The best brands know who they want to attract and serve. It’s why we always start with your ideal client.

A Focused Brand = Big Results

Client-focused branding isn’t a spin on an old phrase or some marketing gimmick. It’s a proven strategy that leads to incredible results. Below are results our clients have realized after implementing a client-first approach.

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in auto loans generated 

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in sales within first 60 days

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increase in average project rate

Branding Services

Brand Workshop

If you’re struggling to stand out and attract the right clients

Get clarity and documentation on who your ideal client is and how to structure your brand’s message so you’re clearly communicating your values and differentiator.

You’ll walk away with a document the whole company can reference and use for your marketing efforts.

Brand Audit

Ideal if you aren’t sure where to start first

Your Brand Audit provides you a comprehensive review of your brand and a prioritized list of actionable steps on how to improve it.

Also, unlike other audit services, we don’t require a lengthy discovery call or consultation. Simply fill out a brief questionnaire and you’re done on your end.

Brand Identity

If your brand’s visuals are outdated

Improve the connection your brand’s visuals have with your ideal clients. 

Can range from the creation or marketing collateral all the way to a full rebrand.

Brand Guide

If you’re struggling to achieve consistency across your marketing channels

Finally achieve consistency across your marketing channels with a comprehensive brand guide.

Your brand guide will establish the tonal and visual elements of your brand and the rules everyone must abide by when creating marketing collateral.

Free Branding Workbooks

Not ready to commit to any branding services yet, or prefer to handle branding issues internally? No worries! These self-guided workbooks  are completely free to download and use — no email signup required.

Ideal Client Workbook

With proper positioning and branding you can start attracting the right clients to your business. Use this workbook to learn how to define who those ideal clients are.

Brand Consistency Checklist

Inconsistencies will deteriorate the strength of your brand. This checklist provides a quick reference to ensure you’re keeping everything consistent across all marketing channels.

Brand Messaging Workbook

To compete in the market you need to be able to articulate your brand’s values and differentiator. This workbook will walk you through the process of creating a great brand message.